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3" box through

Great for Senbazuru thousand origami paper cranes and other small paper projects. Holds up to 1000 3x3 inch paper sheets. Includes a sampler of 100 origami paper sheets.

Strictly Origamic Channel

Order here! (3" box, USA only)

    We've all been there. Now with Strictly Origamic organizers and storage boxes, your origami paper will stay in one place, organized and protected in their stylish and sturdy wooden box, each piece easily accessed for that first precise fold of your next creation.

Strictly Origamic  organizer for 3" square origami paper

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6" box through

Organize your origami paper by color in this stylish case that can hold up to 1000 6x6 inch paper sheets.
12 shelves sort and protect your paper, and provide easy access to sheets of paper without damaging them.
Sturdy box made of fine Baltic birch. Great piece to have on your desk!


    "I got a nicely packaged bundle of  origami folding paper sheets. Now the sheets are everywhere I walk..."

Origami Folding Paper Organizers and Storage Boxes

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Strictly Origamic  organizer for 6" square origami paper

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